Phone Numbers and Links


City Hall 208-847-0824–(534 Washington Street, Montpelier)


Montpelier City Police non-emergency: 208-847-1324–(534 Washington Street, Montpelier)


Victims Assistance Unit  Crisis Line: 208-840-0807(534 Washington Street, Montpelier)


Montpelier City Fire and Rescue  non-emergency: 208-847-3008–(760 Clay Street, Montpelier)


Animals Need Help (ANH) 208-339-0130–(Facebook Page)


Enough is Enough Anti-Drug Coalition  208-847-5464–(534 Washington Street, Montpelier)


City Departments



Official Bear Lake County Website  208-945-2212–(7 E. Center Street, Paris)


Bear Lake County Library  208-847-1664(138 N. 6th Street, Montpelier)


Bear Lake County Sheriff’s Office   non-emergency: 208-945-2121(50 N. Main, Paris)


Search & Rescue  non-emergency: 208-847-1437–(215 Canyon Road, Montpelier)


Bear Lake County School District  208-847-1502–(District Offices: Hwy#30, Montpelier)



Official State of Idaho Website


Community Resources

City of Montpelier Chamber of Commerce  (925 Washington, Montpelier)



Southeast Idaho High Country Tourism events page  (888) 201-1063


 Bear Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau  (See the events happening in our area)



Bear Lake Regional Commission :  435-946-2198  (City Councilman Dan Fisher is liazon)


The National Oregon/California Trail Center   208-847-3800–(320 North 4th Street, Montpelier)


Rails and Trails Museum  (320 North 4th Street, Montpelier)


The News Examiner  208-847-0552–(847 Washington Street, Montpelier)


Bear Lake Memorial Hospital  208-847-1630–(164 South 5th Street, Montpelier)


Free help  and services for military families and veterans looking to relocate to our area:


Community Food Bank:  Local Director Phreddie Hymas (208)220-5791


SEICCA (SouthEastern Idaho Community Action Agency)  Bear Lake County
680 4th N., Suite #3  Montpelier, ID  (208) 847-1462


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Beautiful Bear Lake