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To report an animal complaint contact Montpelier Police Department at 208-847-1324.


Police Department Forms:

Police Records Request – 2015


Police Department Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the Montpelier Police Department is to help maintain the peace and ensure the safety of the community.  The MPD works toward that goal by enforcing laws, responding to emergencies, and serving as a visible presence in the community.

The officers are supported by one civilian staff person responsible for evidence handling, assistance with reporting, and communication with the public.   Another integral part of the department is the grant-funded Victims Assistance Coordinator, who assists with the needs of victims, especially those related to domestic violence and sexual assault.

Animal Control

To report an animal complaint, contact Montpelier Police Department at 208-847-1324.

Montpelier Police Department will respond immediately to:

  • Vicious Animals threatening humans or other domestic animals.
  • Reports of dog bites which break the human skin (to include quarantine of the suspect animal)
  • Nuisance dogs which are currently barking
  • Large animals (cattle, horses) which are a traffic hazard

The MPD will investigate dogs at large (stray) and dogs not currently barking at our earliest convenience.

If a dog needs to be taken into custody and/or transported, we will contact the Animals Need Help volunteers for assistance with this service.

In all dog investigations, we will determine ownership and require proof of rabies vaccination and city dog license. We may allow up to two weeks to provide this information and avoid misdemeanor citation(s).