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Our City

Have you ever stopped to consider all the components it takes to keep your community running smoothly?  The staff at the City of Montpelier has!  The City of Montpelier was incorporated in 1864.  Since that time, city leaders have been dedicating their time to improve their community.  Today the city is overseen by Mayor Jared Sharp, and a six-member city council.  Council members include Dan Fisher (Council President), Bobbi Leonhardt, Heather Mortensen, Scott Nussbaum, Theodore Slivinski, and Dru Strange.  The council is focused on listening to the needs of the public, and meets the first and third Wednesday evening of each month to address the business of the community.  The city strives to offer quality municipal services.

The public works department is composed of a six-person crew, and is responsible for the infrastructure in the city, including the water system, sewer system, streets, parks, cemetery, and other city facilities.  A major project coming up for the public works department will be reconstruction of much of the city’s sewer collection system.

The Montpelier Police Department is made up of officers, whose primary responsibility is to help maintain the peace and ensure safety. They accomplish that by enforcing laws, responding to emergencies, and serving as a visible presence in the community.  The officers are supported by one civilian staff person responsible for evidence handling, assistance with reporting, and communication with the public.   Another integral part of the department is the grant-funded Victims Assistance Coordinator, who assists with the needs of victims, especially those related to domestic violence and sexual assault.

The City Clerk’s office provides service and helps administrate the affairs of the city.  The office is responsible for utility billing, sale of cemetery lots, and issuing dog, liquor, and business licenses. The clerk is also the custodian of city records, and is responsible for posting agendas, keeping minutes, and completing requests for public records.  The clerk’s office also handles treasurer responsibilities for the city, such as receiving and managing city revenues, paying bills, completing payroll, and keeping account of city funds and appropriations.

Additionally, the city offers the services of economic development, fire protection, parks and recreation, a golf commission, and an arts council.  While there is some paid staff in these departments, their efforts hinge on the assistance of many community volunteers and partner organizations.  The City would never be able to provide these services without the efforts of the citizens who live here.

While national and state government can seem far away, complicated and unresponsive, your local government is easy to access and impacts your lives every day.  Please stop by City Hall anytime to learn more about all the work the City of Montpelier does to improve your life.

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